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Impact of Technology on Communication

As Technology is a very big part of our lives. It can be interesting to analyze the impact it can have on our communication skills, and how it can either affect positively or negatively, and / or improve our ability to communicate.

The truth is that our ways of communications have changed and improved as our lives and the society in which we lived have evolved. At the very beginning, when people started to spread out all over the country, then abroad or overseas, we had to find a way to keep on communicating. And it went from sending letters and mail to long distance radio transmission developed by Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor of a radio telegraph system, to finally the telephone. This is how we could keep a real human contact with our loved ones, or with business partners.

But then, Technology started to grow faster than anyone had imagined. And this is why it is worrying the older generations or the literature lovers who love the smell of paper and ink. Computers have taken over all types of communications. The telephone is not the single telephone we old folks remember from our youth. It is a computer with which you can surf on the web, watch TV, which can be used as a GPS or even as a DJ database. And of course, you can take photos of where you are and what you’ve been eating and send to family and friends, as well as bring your 5,000 pictures with you, in your pocket, just in case you need reminding of where you have been!

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This is all wonderful, because it is shrinking the globe to a scale that is not frightening for anybody. You can easily talk or text to your family members or friends who decided to move on the other side of the planet, without worrying about any barrier, except for those dead pockets where your phone can not get any signal.

The only thing is, where do computers, then emails, then blogs take us ? Because, let’s face it, people are not making any effort anymore to write properly, without any grammatical mistakes. Why ? Well, it is so easy to share an emotion by typing a couple of character that are going to give birth to a smiley (smiling, crying, happy face, grouchy face, a heart, a choleric face, etc…) or to text short cryptic messages with abbreviated words. But where are the words that our ancestors fought for, our famous documents that are now fragile relics to be stored carefully away? It’s true, a lot of us do not even know…

To be continued…

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