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* * techPresident
Technology has had a major impact on the 2008 election, from Barack Obama’s 460,000 MySpace friends to the important issue of net neutrality to McCain’s computer illiteracy. The Personal Democracy Forum early last year launched techPresident to cover “how the candidates are using the Web, and how the Web is using them.” techPresident is broken down into several sections including a daily political news blog; Charts displaying the social networking stats and supporters of each candidate from MySpace, YouTube, and Facebook; and Resources, which features links to official candidate Web sites and blogs as well as a staffwiki and a look at each candidate’s tech policies.

* * AMERICAblog
You may not be too familiar with this outspoken political blog (that’s why we gave it a shout-out in our Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites list), so you’ll want to keep AMERICAblog on your radar. You’ll find gratifying its assiduous efforts for straight talk when it comes to U.S. politics, especially when discussing the Bush Administration and civil rights.

* * Politico
Covering Congress’ agendas, the 2008 presidential election, and lobbying and advocacy, Politico is chock-full of everything you need to keep up with today’s U.S. politics. It features news, columns, videos

* * The Huffington Post
When not busy perusing the business, entertainment, and living sections of The Huffington Post, click on the Politics tab for news and opinion regarding the presidential candidates and the election. If you don’t have time to read an entire post on a subject, just click on “Quick Read” to view a snippet of that post. The site also features commentary—from the likes of historian and political writer Bob Ostertag, political writer Erik Ose, and others—on its Political Blogs page.

* *
CNN continues to be the go-to destination for everything and anything related to politics. Whether it’s covering the Democratic or Republican National Conventions, the campaign trail, or the latest domestic issues, you’ll receive up-to-the-minute news and commentary. The news network has also been offering live video feeds from the Democratic convention floor in Denver all week. Keep checking CNN’s Electoral College map, which estimates the number of electoral votes each candidate is predicted to receive come November.

* *
On, yet another respected news outlet, you’ll catch daily political news and opinion pieces that force you to think and share your comments with others, such as “Is change ‘scary’ or is change ‘hopeful’?” and “GOP: Here’s to Hillary’s big party!” Regular contributors include political writer Joe Conason and political blogger Glenn Greenwald.

* * Slate Magazine
With analysis and commentary on politics, business, and other important topics, the daily online magazine Slate is one of the key places to visit during the election season. Click on the News & Politics tab, and the section is broken up into 17 subcategories including The XX Factor (female political bloggers), Today’s Paper (what’s hot in the major U.S. newspapers), and Kausfiles (Mickey Kaus’s political blog). The site even has its own Democratic Convention Twitter feed.

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