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Social Impact of Technology

We all know that Technology has a huge impact on all of us ! We might not even realize it, just because we live with Technology 24/7. But yes, it is everywhere. And if we think about it in details, and go back when it all began, that’s when we can suddenly realize how fast it has been developed and how gigantic its impact is today.

The very first thing, that is not even positive, is that Technology has produced machines that have taken away job that were once performed by humans. Why ? Because, even if machines are more expensive at first, in the long run, they never call in sick or complain about their working conditions or about not having enough holidays or days off. They can also operate for longer hours. And last but not least, they are more reliable than a human being, because they are making much less mistakes, so there’s no waste of time to go back to those mistakes and correct them.

There is also another positive aspect about the evolution of Technology, and how it has improved our social lives. The processing of information is now extremely fast. Also, machines have a gigantic capacity, when it comes to storing millions and millions of information. The amount of information on the internet is way more important what you can find in any library. What about the storage capacity on email boxes, or the amount of people sharing billions of information on blogs ! But attention, here we’re not saying that the human beings have limited capacities… at least, not in a negative way, but… yes… it has a limited capacity of storage for all the information that are needed now a day. (Plus, do you know anybody who speaks a fluent binary language ?)

Also, Technology has a big impact on our well being, which makes our social lives more comfortable than what it used to be only 50 or 100 years ago. For example, we have the tendency to take things for granted, but being cooler during a hot summer, or being warn during a rough winter, this is happening thanks to Technology. The simple push on a button is enough to temperate our comfortable and cozy environment.  What about light, running water, sound control, moisture control, air filters, etc…

Yes, Technology has a very good impact on our lives, but it also has taken a lot from humans. But wait, hasn’t Technology been created by humans ?… Interesting…

I guess you could say that the social impact of technology is huge to say the least. There is not a single place you can look that is is not current shaping & molding as we speak.

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